Refund policy

Termination of Subscription

 “IQ RESULT” Subscriptions are active from the date of their validation and until the unsubscribe request terminating the subscription is received by the Company.

Subscription with Initial Trial Period: the contract is concluded for the duration of the Trial Period initial. During this period, the Customer may cancel the order up to the end of its Initial Trial Period. In the absence of termination during this period, the contract will continue on a month to month basis according to the terms and conditions provided for in the “Subscription to a Paid Subscription” section.

Subscription to a month to month Subscription: the contract is concluded from the time of ordering, until termination thereof by the Customer or the Company. In the absence of termination, the monthly price of the Services will be due each month on the anniversary date of ordering the subscription.

The Customer can terminate the contract from their account on the Site by clicking on the “My account” section then “Delete” in the “offer” box. Termination will be taken into account instantly upon termination of their then-current subscription and the Customer may continue to benefit from the Paid Services until the end of the last paid month of their Subscription.

Any Subscription started is due and Customer will not be able to claim any refund.

In the event that the Company would not be able to collect the amount due and/or in the event that the Customer does not pay on the due date, an e-mail is sent to the Customer inviting them to update their contact details bank accounts within 30 days, failing what the Subscription shall automatically terminate.

To terminate your Subscription or, simply, to delete your personal account, You can write to us by e-mail on the “Contact Us” page by verifying the email address attached to the personal account to be deleted and/or to the Subscription to be canceled. You can also cancel your Subscription in your customer area, by clicking on “My account” and “Delete” in the “offer” box.

If applicable, Your Subscription will be considered terminated and your credit or debit card will no longer be debited from that moment on. You will no longer benefit from the Services.

An email confirming the end of your subscription will be sent to you at the email address used to create your personal space

The Initial 48 hour trial period is priced at $0,90. Failing for the Customer to terminate their “IQ RESULT” Subscription within 48 hours of the receipt by the Customer of the payment confirmation email, a monthly subscription of $39.99 (Subscription fees) shall apply.

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